Thoughtful Addiction

January 29, 2008
By Abra N. Mach, Burnsville, MN

Justice makes the world spin ‘round,
And vengeance takes its place.
But me? It’s not what I prefer,
I stare off into space.

But, at times, my heart is swayed.
I don’t know what to do.
So which path is the right one?
All I can see is you.

This thought is my addiction,
‘Cause in my hands, your fate.
Should I hearken to love’s call?
Or should I turn to hate?

And me, I think love is fine,
Though not its partner, pain.
And if I turn to love,
I don’t think I’ll stay sane.

So my thoughts now stray to hate,
With all its distance cold.
And though it’s my alternative,
What I give comes back ten fold.

Down the middle path I run,
I’m never to be free.
I’ll sit here and keep thinking,
‘Til decision comes to me.

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