January 30, 2008
By Karolina Rynkiewicz, Shoreline, WA

Watching, waiting and nerves racing
Trying to focus but all I am doing is pacing
Until the moment comes that I can shine
I know the gold is going to be mine
As soon as my razor-sharp blades touch my stage
All the emotions and people begin to fade
Gliding on the clean cut ice
All my wildest dreams being fly
I stop and stare waiting for my time to go
The music comes on and it starts out slow
Jumping, turning and doing revolutions in the air
Everyone cant help but stop and stare
My beautiful dress gleaming in the light
I am ready to begin my flight
Gentle wind blowing in my face
Showing off elegance and grace
Determination will not let me drop
Until the time comes in which the music will stop
Coming to an end
This is what I needed for my dreams to mend
This one moment made me shine
It will never be forgotten in the memory of mine

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