The Smook

December 12, 2011
By Jonah Greene BRONZE, Fayetteville, Arkansas
Jonah Greene BRONZE, Fayetteville, Arkansas
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Deep in the lands of the Goodledy-Gooks,
there lived a Smook, who took and took,
He tooks what he takes and gets what he gives,
and up in the clouds, lives the big Shives.

The Shives shiver shake, and shoot shopping shoes,
but the thing they hate most, are small pink too-toos,
Too-toos tumble and tremble, and twirl all about,
and when a Shive sees one, he shouts and shouts.

Now back to our story, I’ve really gone off track,
lets get back to the Smook, in his little shack,
He sat in his chair, he rocked and rocked,
and he sat in this chair, as the clock went tick-tock.

People came to the Smook, asking for help,
but he didn’t care about others, he told them off with a yelp,
He was rude and mean, it was a cruel, cruel art,
but soon, though he knew not, he would have a change of heart.

Up in the clouds, a Shive crossed a bridge,
and under this bridge, he saw a Flidge,
The Flidge then informed him, about some little man,
a man, they say, who has a big plan.

a plan that’s awful, worse than the worst,
worse even, than a too-too with a purse,
A plan that might, involve a long day,
a day that might take the Shives away.

This man is a monster, a evil, evil boy,
a man that has something, a dangerous toy,
A toy that can crush, demolish, burn,
a toy, that he says, will make us all learn.

It will make us learn, to not bother him,
he is planning to break, all of our limbs,
He is planning to destroy, all that lives,
but he is especially planning, to destroy the Shives.

This message was passed, all around Shiveland,
and down all around, to the land under land,
And soon it did pass, all of the way,
all the way down, to the Smook far away.

The Smook heard of this, and wanted to help,
he wanted to help, so he yelped and yelped,
Once he was noticed, they let him in Shiveland,
the Smook said to them "I will fight for this land!"

All of Shiveland, prepared for battle,
then all of a sudden, they heard a rattle,
A rattle that shook, and shimmied, and shattered,
they saw the great weapon and everyone scattered.

The weapon was huge, larger than life,
all swords dropped, except for one knife,
The knife of the Smook, that brave little thing,
he then took his knife, and gave it a fling.

The sword hit the toy, and speared it with might,
the Smook wouldn't leave, the Smook came to fight,
The weapon shot lasers, zing, zang, and zap,
the Smook dodged the lasers, but then there was a snap.

The laser hit a house, which tumbled to the ground,
but the Smook did not run, he did not back down,
The Smook then charged, and struck the mighty weapon,
the Smook then hollered "I hope you learned your lesson!"

The toy crumbled down, and the man came with it,
rubbish fell on the man, and he could not lift it,
The Smook helped him up, and said "listen here"
the man begged and begged, and then shed a tear.

"Please forgive me, I don't know what I've done,"
then all the Shives ran out, and yelled "We won!"
The Smook was lifted high, high into the sky,
he was then put down, and the King of Shiveland came by.

"I make a proposal, to the great warrior, the Smook"
all of Shiveland came silent, and took a look at the Smook,
"I give to thee this, a beautiful ring,
whoever bears this, will then become King,"

The Smook gazed at the man, and thought for a while,
"No thanks," said the Smook, and he burst out a smile,
"Thank you so much, but I don't want something so fair,
I would like to go back down to my shack, and rock in my chair.

The Shives were so glad, they all danced with might,
and the Shives still cheered, and celebrated through the night,
So Shives got to live on, there is Still a Shive race,
and up in the clouds, Shiveland is a happy place.

But down far below, is the real hero of this story,
but the Smook had changed, he didn't want tons of glory,
When Shives came by his Shack, they hugged them like a bear,
he hugged them all back, then rocked in his chair.

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