December 13, 2011
By AngelicSoul_DemonicHeart GOLD, Jefferson City, Missouri
AngelicSoul_DemonicHeart GOLD, Jefferson City, Missouri
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Favorite Quote:
"Dream like you'll live forever. Live like you'll die tomorrow." -James Dean. I love this quote!!!!!! :)

Water is life.
Water flows through Earth’s veins.
Water is mysterious and dangerous.
Water transports us to the vast unknown.
Tower of water sliced by surfer’s board.
Children fire water pistols,
And others dive into watery depths.
Hummingbirds fly through water sprinklers,
And robins bathe in water fountains.
Water darkens the sky.
Water whitens the ground.
White water rapids dump unexpecting people into the river.
Water washes away the land.
Water preserves a soldier’s tomb.
Water saves a traveler’s life.
Waterfalls create rainbows.
People scream in excitement on water rides,
And laugh while throwing water balloons.
Water is within our very being.
Water is life.

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