See You

February 1, 2008
Text message away from a real crime
Taking your sweet little time, for this is prime
Leading me up to the climax of this hazy situation
Not knowing this conversation could lead to salvation
You ask me a golden question which sparks my undying love
Questioning if your some kind of angel from above
Considering this simple two answer question
Put into a total state of suppression
Someone as wondrous as you asking me
Filled with an utter overload of delight
Asking others for there honest incite
Looks like a thumbs up for this situation
Overwhelmed with sensation waiting for our every conversation
We are conjoined together to make an unbreakable bond
Thinking about our love and beyond
Developing with every tick of the clock
Here’s the key, its time to unlock
The gate I put around my heart which you stole
Beyond my control, I give you my heart and soul
Love is an understatement for how I feel
This seems almost surreal, but its quite real
Meanwhile not having a moment without you in my head
Face turning a crimson red, cant help but think ahead
To our almost fairy tale future together
Coming into my life and clearing the bad weather
All I see is sun shine and your smile
Right now is just a trial, but I’ll see you down the aisle.

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