One, Two, Three

October 13, 2011

One, two, three;
Minutes, moments passed
Replay the scene
I regret having asked

Something I knew, longed to know
Treading lightly, as if on lit coals
A burn that stays forever, washed away it can’t be
Half as lonely, twice as shy as the day you met me
Blouse undone and lips parted, I’d watch you just the same
Growing uneasy from waiting, to hear you say my name

Wait, I love you, and there’s more
More to me then you’ve seen, than I’ve shown before
But I’m lying and there isn’t, I’m all I have to give
From my complacent fingers, to my longing lips
I’ve confessed all my secrets, I’ve clung to you all I may
I greedily kept you, claim is what I laid

Hallelujah, oh Hallelujah
I’ve witnessed the false light
I’ve seen your frowning face, one too many times
Don’t be unhappy for me, to me
I’ll learn my way without you, if you’re free
When did November turn to January, who put me in my room?
When did your eyes turn grey, or your lips turn blue?
When did it hurt to look at me or smile as you pass?
Who decided that kiss, that night, would always be our last?
Who caused you problems, which made it hard to love?
Who made you feel there’s nothing greater, nothing sent from above?

I’ll try not to cry, not to play unfair
Though I feel I may die, when you push back my hair
So don’t kiss my tears, though you feel you must
And don’t be surprised when I break to your touch
Go find your love, dearest, you’ve plenty of time
Invest your heart carefully, for it’s both yours, and mine

One, two, three;
Times I’ve played before
I called end scene,
Now I just watch the door.

The author's comments:
Someone I loved, but am not meant for inspired this piece.

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