The Creatures and the Moon

February 2, 2008
By Marley Pluta, Rolesville, NC

Darkness and unhappiness.
The creature lies in it.
Every night and every day.
The creature lies in it.

Tonight the creature lies in a field
Surrounded by its family.
But can they even be called that?
The creature thinks not.

The creature is an outcast
Rejected by family and clan members.
The creature sighs
And tilts its head to the sky.

There the creature sees a white sphere.
The moon.
The creature is suddenly filled with happiness.
It stands.

A fire burns in the creature’s eyes.
The moon projected an indifferent aura to the creature.
“Something that sees everything and has no care in the world,”
The creature says to itself.

The creature moves to the edge of the field, to a forest,
like a sheep from a flock.
The creature thinks of leaving the old clan,
that which rejected him for reasons unreasonable.

The creature wants to join the moon,
and be with no cares and someone who won’t judge him for reasons unreasonable.
The creature knows he can’t make it to the moon.
But he can make it to other creatures that love the moon.

The creature turns his head to look at the clan of dogs behind him.
A dark light is coming from them and taunts him.
“Come back to your old life, you’ll never make it without us,”
The darkness says, echoing the clan’s thoughts.

The fire in the creature’s eyes only burns hotter, evaporating the darkness.
The creature smiles, and once again tilts his head to the sky.
The creature howls, banishing the anguish of the old and welcoming the acceptance of the new.
A wolf among dogs.

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This article has 1 comment.

Stride_Lover said...
on Aug. 11 2008 at 8:24 pm
Great poem, real deep


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