February 2, 2008
By Emmanuel Flores, Chicago, IL

Dwelling in the realm of misery,
is great, is intoxicating.
Misery understands you.
Comforts you, listens to you.
It traps traps you, and doesn't ley go.
It's like drug , you don't want
IT to ever end.
Misery is one of those
"bad" people who you want to be with.
You hate nisery and love it.
You're obsessed with it,
And don't want it anywhere near you.
You want misery to take you away
And stil you want to escape.
But it is worth it?
To hold onto "MISERY?"
It doesn't like to be alone
And neither do you.
So misery IS often your best friend.
But be careful what you choose.
MIsery also tells you lies and secrets.
Withholds you, from friends,
Friends who want to,
To help. LEt friends break,
Break you chained arms.
And become free once again.

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