An Unspoken Lie

February 3, 2008
By Alexandra Henry, Bronx, NY

A repetition
i live by everyday.
One more lie,
one more bandage to my heart.
But go on
and turn your back
to those memories
that made you purse your lips with doubt.
Never listened
to that little voice
because of that beautiful lie
you taught me.
Overlooking the hints
to your foul play,
i saw what i needed
in that time.
I dont see it anymore.
Fragmented words
on your pale heart
seem to be undecipharable to me.
I stripped off my cloak
but either way
it's a repetition
i live by everyday.
Solemn eyes burning on me-
i feel it everywhere
but can it go on forever?
It was a beautiful lie
we've lived on
as the truth appeared
to blossom as its fate.
We wont ever learn
if this was our destiny.
Nothing to be upset about.
Smile because it happened, right?
Live by that saying
and your lies
become your true being....

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