what do you mean, you dont rember me?

December 4, 2011
By ijustwannabHARMONIEEY SILVER, Hemet, California
ijustwannabHARMONIEEY SILVER, Hemet, California
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life is sometimes funny like that but we all have to learn to deal with it

All the times we looked in each other’s eyes
All the times we screamed I love you
All the while we was living a lie
Displaying things so unreal
Yelling things so falsely
You said my beauty was unforgettable
You said my smile was one of a kind
Screamed that I was one of a kind
my heart skipped beats when we wrapped around each other
So how can you sit here and say you don’t remember
All the love and the hate
All the tears that were shed
Now you say that you don’t remember me
Man how crazy does that sound

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