Tragic Happy Ending

February 3, 2008
A sad lullaby
A tearful goodbye
The story no one wants to hear

No happy end
No true love
This is the tale we know too well

But can we change it
This nightmare of sorts?
From a tragic end
To a happy love song

But if you change a lullaby
Too quickly it loses meaning
So change it slowly
Make this a tragic happy ending

Make the bluebirds sing
Make the lady cry
Have the horses run
But don't let the butterflies fly

Don't change the story quickly
Or a confusing one you'll have
Make some things happy
And make what's left sad

Change this story slowly
Make it a tragic happy ending

The prince will love the princess
The knight will love the maid
The doves will fly softly
But the blackbirds will coo instead
The king will defend his castle
But never ride to war
The queen will harm her people
And flee to distant shores

If you change a lullaby quickly
It loses all it's meaning
So change this tale slowly
Change it just a little
Make it the tragic happy ending

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