Be My Savoir

April 7, 2008
By Dulcita Gravian, Cherry Tree, PA

The passion burning within me,
Taken away.
Torn out of my heart and now I fall
Into darkness and despair.
Not knowing what to do, I stand in tears
Waiting for my soul to call out,
Call out to someone…
To love me.

I feel alone in this world.
So alone that when I scream for help,
No one comes, no one seems to care.
I can’t be understood,
And I can’t understand
That hatred in your eyes.
I lie in wait for my savior
To pull me out of my despair;
Out of the darkness that consumes my mind.

I am shattered, but you can help.
Clear the shadows from your eyes
And glue me back together; make me whole.
Help me and love me and understand –
Know me and… be my savior.

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