December 3, 2011
By Lapoesiegal BRONZE, Hillside, Illinois
Lapoesiegal BRONZE, Hillside, Illinois
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Like, lure, lust? Whatever it is, it creeps deep down in my soul and bubbles into unknown enjoyment of a lifetime.
One thing, only thing I’ve ever wanted. I don’t understand, what is this feeling that colors my cheeks furious fuchsia when he comes about?
Very intense, very enchanting also confusing but delighting. What is this feeling in my heart as it goes ba-bump, ba-bump and grows stronger in admiration?
Every one has witnessed this. Some has succeeded, some had failed. He stares at me with longing eyes and whispers sweet nothings. What is this feeling? Why so painful yet so…miraculous?
The feeling of happiness you know that can last.
The feeling of desire and knowing you belong to someone, at least you believe so.
This feeling…
This feeling…
This feeling is called:

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