April 7, 2008
By Alexis Gallegos, Shoreline, WA

You said you cared
But I know you lied
It’s just like you to lie right to my face
I wish I that could stop believing you
It’s like a disease
I’m unable to stop myself from believing you
You’re my everything and if I stop believing in you I stop believing in everything
If only things were easier and I could tell when you lie
But you’re face is like stone and gives away no clue as to whether or not you’re lying
I wish that I could stop believing in you
Every time I get my hopes up I’m only let down
Only in my dreams could you stop with the lies and give me a hint of truth
If only I could see through the fog and see the truth
Others see through you with no problem but not me
Is it love that’s keeping me around?
Or is it just my imagination?
I’ve let you get the best of me
I need to shine the brilliance through the fog and be able to see your lies
You’ve said you’d stop
You’ve said it so many times I can’t even count them
When do the lies stop?
When do you realize that enough is enough?
When I’m gone for good or when I’m just about to leave?
Don’t keep me waiting
I may just leave from the hatred
Waiting isn’t something I’m going to do
Especially not if you’re going to keep lying
It’s just not in me
You put up a wall of lies that blocks me out
How am I supposed to get passed your wall?
Your lies are just too much and I don’t have any way to get passed it
I’m fed up with the lies
You say you care but I know the real truth
You couldn’t care less and you just keep me around for your own pleasure
I’m tired of being your go to girl
I’m done with sitting around waiting to hear your newest lie
You don’t care about me
Stop lying to yourself and me
It’s just not worth it anymore
I’m sorry that I’ve waited this long to tell you I’m sick of your lies

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