April Ascension

April 7, 2008
A boy wandered through a lonely door,
Seeking to find what it was for.
Through it he found a bridge of rope,
And across: a scene of triumphant hope.
Knowing sight was not enough,
he soon began a journey tough.

Soon, the boy stumbled off of the bridge,
Into the darkness, but onto a ridge.
There, he quailed, and cried for aid,
Until, at last, the price was paid.
Looking upwards at his goal,
he knew his strength would now unroll.

Next, he rose and sang of relief, beginning upward and trusting belief.
The boy was transformed as he climbed the cliff face,
Desires refined while ascending with grace.
He now understood and had freedom of choice:
A strength and growth that boldened his voice.

From boy to man he had traversed:
into the pit and through the worst.
Soon the man saw, having reached his destination,
A most glorious home, above all creation,
And there were his helpers, his family and friends,
And love shared together to limitless ends.

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