Venice is Sinking

April 6, 2008
By Phoebe Nir, New York, NY

As the airplane touched ground, I began thinking:
?Venice is grand, but the island is sinking.
?Venice is sinking! Outlets have three prongs?
as they lounge on the beach, wearing nothing but thongs.?
Venice is sinking, the sewage, eroding?
as men in striped shirts are tipped grandly for boating.
?They scoff at the tourists with cameras and Crocs:?
Gelato, not ice cream! The Euro, not bucks!?
More pidgeons than people in St. Marco's Square.?
"Let's kill them, because they're polluting the air!"
?But that sea once held oyster and starfish and turtle.?
Now, stick in one toe, and you're rendered infertile.?
Composite, corinthian, doric, ionic,
?There's no place like Rome, and it's all quite ironic.
?"This painting was made in 'realistic' style:?
There's Mary! She's flying with angels and child!"
?Women serve breakfast, but men serve at night.?
Not just unemployed actors, they fight the good fight.
?And men get the menus with a price on the list.?
As for the ladies, ignorance is bliss.
As for the babies, ignorance is bliss.

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