Miss Scarlet

April 6, 2008
By Kara Kachele, Solon, OH

She dressed to impress
Especially for the lavish parties she so often attended
Her fiery waves drawn neatly at the nape of her neck
Deep scarlet was the evening gown that trailed behind her like a red carpet
You could see the crimson creep onto the men’s cheeks she passed
And the scorching infernos in the eyes of the women
Her candy apple nails painted daintily shone extravagantly against her porcelain skin
The click clack of her cayenne sky scraper heels turned heads as she walked out
Now her staring eyes looked up at the crowd around her
The ruby lips spoke no words
She was in a sea of red
Floating effortlessly on the surface
Pieces of mauve clay drifted around her
The moon now shown in her blank yet open eyes
She had been pulled out of the sea of red and was now in the belly of the maroon truck
The flashing lights were mournful
She dressed to impress

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