Accept, Let Go, Move On

April 6, 2008
By Jary Kim, Delray Beach, FL

To accept
It’s torturing
To let go
It’s difficult
To move on
It hurts

It’s torturing
To hear you laugh
It’s difficult to see those gorgeous eyes
Glint with familiar mischief
It hurts to know you are doing so well
Without me

I avoid the scornful eyes
Of the new girl in your arms
I ignore the tormenting stares
Of the guys surrounding you
I blink back the river of tears
Threatening to flood my face
When I realize my friends have left me
I choke on the growing lump in my throat
As I battle this pain

Why did you back out on your words?
Your words to always protect me
To always be there for me
To always love me

Why did you make so many promises?
Promises you know you couldn’t keep

Was I disposable?
An object you could push around carelessly
Hurt endlessly
And destroy shamelessly

What did I do wrong?
What did I do right?
Wasn’t I good enough for you?

As I question myself
The heart-breaking truth slams me down hard

I loved you once
Shed precious tears for you once
And fought for you once

But not anymore
You could not possibly be the same warm-hearted person you were back then
To be this cruel and bitter person right now

Our memories,
Although cherished and treasured,
Are only just memories
They have no power
Only desire
They cannot bring back
What was once lost

It’s time for me to be smart
It’s time for me to be strong
It’s time for me to accept
Let go
And move on
It’s time for me to be independent
To break out on my own
Without you

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