Matthew The Magnificent

December 6, 2011
By Matt Cassano BRONZE, Commack, New York
Matt Cassano BRONZE, Commack, New York
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I am Matthew the Magnificent;
the son of amazing Anthony and joyful Joann Cassano.
My parents have taught me a lot;
but I don’t know where I got my Ping-Pong skill from.
I am absolutely amazing at Ping-Pong.
No one stands a chance at coming close to beating me.
Many cocky kids have tried to defeat me.
But they all had the same outcome, they lost.
When I am in the zone and playing perfect;
I am the greatest ping-pong player on earth.
I am also the greatest basketball player on the planet;
and have an outstanding outside shot.
I rarely miss shots and I never lose.
In any game I refuse to lose and dominate the game.
Don’t get me started on my school grades.
I have to achieve high honor roll and I always do.
Getting above a 90 is a must.
Doing well in school is most important and I always succeed.
I have a strong passion for music;
and am a very talented Trumpet player in the school band.
I can play any song or any notes;
No matter how high or low the note is, it doesn’t matter.
I am the best player in the entire band;
and no one is possibly close to as good as me.
My biggest passion of all is sports;
and I am the biggest and best sports fan on earth.
I follow all sports;
and I am a like a hawk stalking its prey watching different sports on T.V.
I watch more sports than anything else;
and I watch more sports then anyone else in the world
Baseball is the best sport and I love the Yankees;
who are the best team in baseball history.
If you love to lose;
then playing me in Kan-Jam would be the best way to do that.
Throwing the Frisbee in the slot is like a habit;
and I win even before I start playing.
My partner could be absolutely awful;
and I will still destroy my opponent and win the game.
I am overall outstanding at everything;
and no one will beat me in anything ever.

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