Hello Goodbye

April 6, 2008
Hello friend

Haven't seen you for a while

I didn't give up on you

You were already giving up

On yourself

I'll be here when you call

'Cause you weren't there at all

I'm not like you

Too broke to fix

Too many promises

I don't believe you

It's too late for you

But not for me

I'm getting out of this

Unbroken and alive

If not a little cracked

The glass is broken

I've seen what you can do

The world is here

Ready to break in

I'll open the door

'Cause you cower in the corner


Back into the memory

Of you and me

And a little alcohol

You swim then you sink

Bend and break


You're not the boy

I once knew

You know I still miss you

But it's not the same

As really seeing you

Just know I never gave up

On you and what you used to be

I'll be here when you call

'Cause you weren't there at all

Goodbye friend

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i<3steven! said...
Feb. 26, 2010 at 4:13 pm
wow, that is pretty depressing
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