Today's America Tomorrow

April 5, 2008
Look around, what do you see?
Crime, hate, democracy
Murders, killings, and bloodsheds
Searching through houses to find babies dead

Step out of your door, to get shot in the face
It seems there’s no end to this hateful place
Take brutal beatings, get beat down
Run away or get stuck In the ground

People selling drugs to kids on the street
Just stop and think, is this what we need?
Houses blow up, the smoke is white
Meth heads are dead, you know I’m right

So what do we do, with this so called peaceful homeland?
Do we let it go its way, or stop it and take a stand?
Today’s America is going up in smoke
Just wait until tomorrow, I bet it’ll be gone

Not tomorrow, as in the next day
But tomorrow, enough time to change
Our buildings, houses; our monuments, and ground
All of our structures will just burn down

So lets stop this chaos, stop this confusion
Stop these killings, stop the delusion
Let’s take a stand, put our foot down
Fight for our lives, fight for this ground!

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