April 4, 2008
I would very much so like to write you a letter
Tell you of my journeys; let you know I’m feeling better
I’d gladly invite you over for tea
Lead you to the window and ask you what you see.
We’d look awhile and then sit down
We’d quietly wonder what it feels like to drown
We’d talk about ships that sometimes sink
Each of us respecting what the other one thinks
Cup after cup, gliding down out throats
We’ll talk about adultery and secret desires to buy ourselves boats
We’ll soon get hungry and then we’ll cook
Nothing we make is found in a book
We’ll keep talking all the while
Planning to someday sail down the Nile
When the food is eaten and the dishes are clean
We’ll settle into bed and prepare to dream
We’ll snuggle up tight and whisper “Goodnight.”
We’ll smile in the dark because we know
The sun will come tomorrow and with it, its glow.
The routine is done, there is no sorrow
That’s probably because we’ll do it again tomorrow.

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