April 4, 2008
By Katie Cassara, Hoffman Estates, IL

She already knows. She found out last Sunday. Oh, and she knows too.
Why didn’t I know until today?
Wasn’t I there for you when you felt alone on the softball bench?
We shared our woes and complained to each other about everything.
We shared our darkest secrets with each other on the bench, but that means nothing.
Is it because I’ve only been your friend since the second half of freshman year instead of the whole year like she was?
Or maybe it’s because I couldn’t help you with that math problem.
Forgive me if I sound selfish, but I’m loyal, and I’ve never complained about listening to you complain.
She hasn’t either, but why did you tell her and not me?
I hope you trust me enough to confide in me.
I hope you know that I’ll always be there for you and never tell your secrets.
So why didn’t I know until today?

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