Dancing in the Rain

April 4, 2008
By Morgan Masters, Cotton Center, TX

When I was a little girl,
Small innocent, and plain,
I always wondered if I would find
the love that made me desire to dance in the rain.

I became a teenager,
Rebellious, confused and mad.
I began to give up on love,
Especially with the luck I had.

But then I saw him,
For the very first time.
He was handsome, sweet, and funny,
And I wanted him to be all mine.

But of course with my luck,
It wasn't an easy task.
For I was self-conscious and shy,
And all I wanted was for him to see throguh my mask.

You see, I put up a front,
For inside I was sad and unsure,
Of myself and my ability
To love another.

But he proved me wrong,
He became all I had dreamed of.
I finally felt the need to dance in the rain;
I found my very first love.

And now, three years later,
We are happy in love, unashamed.
And for teh very first time, finally,
With the only one I will ever love, I dance in the rain.

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