April 4, 2008
This is who I am, who I’ll always be.
Eww, you African? They ask,
But they don’t understand.
They don’t know the beauty of my country,
Yet they’ll never know.
I have a place I can run away to,
A place to hide,
A place called home.
The animals run free yes,
But don’t believe you see on TV.
You don’t understand me? Well let me speak clearly.
The land stretches as far as the Nile,
To the west of Senegal.
The delicious food the country has to bring,
Soo tasty then again as spicy as hot peppers.
The bright golden sun is as hot as a strong burning stove,
Yet cool as a spring day.
Children running around wildly
Not worrying bout what tomorrow has to say.
Me and Africa, we Bonnie and Clyde,
Spongebob and Patrick.
I left my home but can never forget it.
As I left I heard her softly say,
“Never forget me, and make me proud.”
A man to its freedom, that’s me to Africa.
Still don’t understand? Let me restate it.
A-is for the accomplishments we’ve made
F-is for the faces who kept us strong
R-is for the race to be free
I-is for the intelligence we carry
C-is for the courage we’ve built
A-is for the anger we don’t hold
N-is to never give up on your hope.
I love and will always appreciate my home, my land
Mama Africa.
Oh and did I mention, I’m proud to be an African?

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