Don't care

December 2, 2011
By purplelily24 BRONZE, Danville, Vermont
purplelily24 BRONZE, Danville, Vermont
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They don’t care
They don’t care about me
They don’t care about you
They don’t care about anyone
They don’t care that I have never had one moment when I felt complete since I was 3 years old
They don’t care that my parents live an hour and a half away from each other
They don’t care that I went one year without my father
They don’t care that I was worried out of my mind when he was gone
They don’t care that I was only eight when he left
They don’t care that I cry myself to sleep every night
They don’t care that I’m running out of tears
They only care about pleasing themselves
Through the hurtful words
They get inside my head and torture me from the inside out
I try to laugh
But they know it’s fake
I wonder if I showed defeat
Then they would finally stop
They don’t care
They don’t care about me
They use my weaknesses to their advantage
They use it against me
It kills me from the inside out
It makes me want to scream
But I don’t
I keep going
I keep going so that maybe one day they will stop
Stop the madness
Stop the words that fill my head with doubt
But I know better than that
They will never stop
Never stop teasing
Never stop the torture
Never stop the words
Never stop until they have reached the top
The top that they will never reach
Never stop till I have hit rock bottom
Even though they know that I hit long ago
They don’t even care
They say mean things about my family
That they are stupid
Or annoying
Or just plain creepy
It makes want to hurt them the way they do me
With the words
Invade their mind the same way they did to me
But I don’t
I don’t hurt them because I refuse to be that person
I refuse to treat them the way the treat me
They don’t care about me
They don’t care about you
They don’t even care about themselves
They are now nothing to me
They don’t care about me?
Well here is some news for you
I don’t care about the either
From now until the day I die I refuse to believe one word
I refuse to let them get inside my head
I refuse
I refuse
I refuse
I don’t care
What they say
Their back stabbing words are now,
Nothing but words
They can no longer hurt me

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on Dec. 9 2011 at 1:29 pm
Zachisme BRONZE, Danville, Vermont
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Favorite Quote:
Live life to your fullest

I love it lily, I love how it came from you. Ps, I care :)


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