Innocent Heart Gone Sorely Wrong

April 4, 2008
Innocent heart gone sorely wrong,
Motivation turned obsession.
The nights seemed so dark and long,
I've spent these past in recession.
Then finally it was done,
But this wasn't the end of my plight.
No, the evil of what I had begun,
Would soon be driven to light.

His shroud loomed overhead,
And soon he had me confronted.
I followed as he led,
And listened as he lamented.
He made his demands,
I failed to comply.
I banished him from these lands,
But with the promise he made, I was sure to die!

I carried a pistol that evening,
I now lost a dear friend.
Tonight one of us would not be leaving,
No, tonight my problem I would mend.
That night the beast awakened my darkest fear,
He took his final life.
He took she I held most dear,
Robbing me of my wife.

Vengeance was the path I took,
Revenge burning in my eyes.
A shell to those who look,
The darkness of my heart filled the skies.
The pain engulfed my heart,
And it was all his fault.
Troubles tore me apart,
But I knew I must bring his corruption to a halt.

Chasing him across this frozen mass,
I had him in view.
Then more troubles came to pass,
As if the daemon gave a cue.
I lost him after that,
And now you’ve pulled me aboard.
Vanishing like a little rat,
He continues to be the abhorred.

Now my story comes to its resolution,
And my life dwindles away.
To end my scientific application,
Is the sole reason I stay.
So take on this task for me,
Destroy the monster please.
The only way to set my spirit free,
And let the victims be at ease.

Then did show the beast,
But upon seeing the pain in his face,
Getting out alive worried none in the least.
He said his last words and left without a trace.
And here is a man,
Writing letters to his sister,
Telling all he can,
Of a destructive blur had by this poor sir.

There is no justified evil on this earth,
It leads only to much pain.
There is no joy or any mirth,
Nothing to gain.
Be responsible for you,
You are to blame.
Do nothing you will rue,
The pain will be yours to claim.

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