For my love

November 27, 2011
I think of you all day,
and I just don't know what to say.

Whenever you smile; it warms my heart,
I realize we can never be apart.

You're so adorable yet lovable,
When I'm with you, I'm just so comfortable.

Everything seems so right,
Oh, please kiss me tonight.

I will never let you go,
This relationship will never be low.

Just hold me very tight,
and never leave my sight.

You act so sweet,
and you'll never cheat.

I love when you laugh,
I know I suck at math.

But me plus you equals love,
compared to all the other guys you are above.

I want you to know you are so special to me.
I would never want to leave you be.

Yes relationships are based on trust
Which I do; I realize it is a must.

But, we do belong together,
I love you forever <3

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