Lessons Learned

April 3, 2008
His fear-stricken eyes darted between me and the road.
He swerved between cars; he didn’t know where to go.
His white-knuckled grip clutched my light spring jacket.
The car tires squealed and drowned traffics racket.

As the door ripped from my hands I became bait on the street.
My leg hit the asphalt and I slid further from my seat.
I braced myself for death. I hoped I was ready.
Then my dad reached out to hold me steady.

My dad saved my life that fateful day;
A debt to him I’d gladly repay.
The car stopped. The racket returned,
And now I know my lesson is learned.

So now I buckle up to stay safe,
And thank God for all my days.
I knew my hero, an unlikely guy,
But to me, he is bigger than the sky.

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