Grammar Suffrage

November 19, 2011
By Lauren Sherman BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Lauren Sherman BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Stop waiting for something to happen, just stutter and stammer
Push forth as your tongue is just simply stating, where art thou now? Where art thou grammar?
Neither you nor I speak like that, we communicate like alphabet fiends not like Shakespearean thieves
Sonnets, soliloquies, monologues, and suffrage
Suffrage has nothing to do with a sonnet, a soliloquy, or a monologue; it has to do with our grammar
Grammar`s response to a hello or a goodbye is a dot, hook, or vertical line
Suffering, stammering, and stuttering are three words I know well
They start with the letter s and end with the letter g, if that is so then why is our generation not listening Mr. Gerund -Ing
Mr. Gerund -Ing begins with i and follows an n and finishes with g, why don`t Americans start with a g and end with an r and learn to pronounce phonetics, syntax, and linguistics to spell out the word: grammar
If you are listening to me, then pronounce your g`s and express your r`s and collect the m`s that make a word come apart
Their and there are ones to be mistaken, but there are many mistakes made, and their mistakes are not forsaken
Quit using the word like and fill the space with a sound more familiar, this is not sequential, rather it is word order, so inhale a word as if it were anthrax and develop a grammar disorder referred to as syntax
Where the word like would be treatment and discharge from rehab would be
Like resembling, like my favorite, like I am fond of, like and like and like my repetitive addiction will not trigger withdrawal so quit already
Because this is like nonsense, and nonsense is like grammar and grammar is like communication
Get Ready America, My Mistakes Are Reflecting: GRAMMAR
So, take a slight sample and weigh the gram, and collect the data and listen to them rambling on and on to solve
Gram plus ram in reverse is grammar land, but this is not a game, nor a mathematical equation
This is simply, stuttering, stammering, and suffrage spitting out syllables of syntax and sophistication
Wow, there were a lot of s`s within those words, but hey who is counting, it is called alliteration
Make the g kiss the r and roll with it, toss and turn flipping the spatula letter w into the air constructing two small grease molecules known as m`s, and compliment the condiment a to an r
This is my definition of grammar, like linguini, like silverware, and like great food is equivalent to grammar because without it, we could not help but stammer ever so suddenly slightly sincerely slipping silent vowels in serenity. Softly, saying something sincerely stammering ever so slightly so suddenly searching. Searching for a g- r-a-m-m-a-r, spelling of slight seven semantics savoring the flavor of seven letter suffrage simultaneously stripping soliloquy samples on top of your grammatical mantles.
Because with grammar comes speech, and with speech follows sounds, and sounds introduce understanding, and with understanding brings meaning
If you like continue to like speak as if you like never met like William Shakespeare, then I suggest you like dig his grave and like speak straight to him rather than like use a subtle lisp leaning
Leaning towards a generation of grammatical errors, mistakes, and miscommunication,
If you have the tendency to continue to use the word like in your vocabulary
Then use Mr. Gerund`s advice to your liking because like is like a simile and a simile`s heart beats to the rhythm of a metronome, Hey! Can you like hear this metaphor? Like connecting a simile is not uncommon, it is ordinary
So use it properly.
Suffering, stammering while shoving steak knives slowly into the abdomen of an incorrect spelling, synchronizing a metaphor to fit a simile, and liking the word like while using it barely is a good thing.
Really, these are good things, honestly
Because grammar gives you angelic powers so sit back and suffer while stuffing your face with a bowl of alphabet soup and watch as you will gain weight, yet it will lift you high beyond the sky where suffering will transform into grammatical survivor wings
So at this point, I advise you to fly.

The author's comments:
My writing is poetry and my wishes are the trying poets of this society.

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