April 28, 2008
Your simple words that make me light up
Only two words and still I glow

They wouldn’t mean much to others
But when you said them they meant the world

I can’t seem to place the last time you said them
And I don’t know if you’ll ever say them again

I promised myself I would get over you
And now you’re pulling me back

The words probably meant nothing to you
Yet meant everything to me

I won’t let myself get sucked back into this
You’re whirlwind of pain and agony

You do this purposely I think
Just so you know I’ll always be here

I doubt I’ll ever be able to stop you
Because I love you too much

And maybe that will be my downfall
That I just can’t say no to you

Maybe it means I really care too
And I know you don’t

Whatever it means I know it hurts
More than it should when you’re in love

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msears said...
Aug. 6, 2008 at 12:54 pm
Cassie,this poem is beautiful! You have so much talent and I am so happy that you are sharing it with the world. Keep writing and never be embarrassed to show your work to others! They deserve to see how wonderful you are too!
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