November 21, 2011
By Anonymous

There's one thing that will never change

No mater how hard you try

You're still always gonna have your past

There's never a goodbye

The haunting memories follow you

You rethink them back a fourth

You know that they wil always be there

& that's what makes it worse

There aint no turning back now

Their aint no turning back that night

The memories will always want you

No matter how hard you try

The endless fighting

Voices were screaming

Tears were streaming

I couldn't forget it if I tried

Cause there aint no turning back now

Their aint no way to forget

That night with you two screaming

Forever planeted in my head

I didn't know what was happening

I didn't know how it would end

All I knew was I was scared to death

& I didn't want this again

Its been 9 years now

But I won't forget that fight

A plate of food left your hand

& went off & set flight

It slammed the wall to the left of me

the food landed infront of me i realized

& you never tried to stop it

permanently stuck in my eyes

Its been 9 years now

But I swear I won't forget

That night where you went crazy&

left us all for dead

But it wasn't really just a night

But a childhood I lost

You being an alcoholic

This is what it cost

I don't remember hanging with daddy

I don't remember talking to you

All I remember is bringing you coffee

& plates of your food

I was only 5 years old

& this is what's in my memory

Daddys up in bed

I wonder if he'll come see me

But I knew even then

If you came down the stairs

That objects would go flying

Or end up with broken chairs

You don't understand the damage you caused

You think an apology could take it all back

You made me scared of living

& left me with a permant crack

There aint no stitches to heal me

The damage has been complete

You weren't ever physical

But your words left me beat

The words already struck me

The ones you cant regret

Its too late to say you're sorry

Cause I will never forget

You left me here with nothing

But a memory set in stone

I have to make life my own now

I'm walking on my own

You left me with broken wings

& I'm horrified I'll fall

But you won't ever understand

How you caused it all.

i know life will still go on

More will happen too

But I won't forget the night. &

I blame it all on you.

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