Another Night

April 27, 2008
By Danielle Stubbs, Mount Ousley, ZZ

Another night and it seems the world made you cry yourself to sleep.
You're lost and confused with unspoken words to speak.
But you fell like and Autumn leaf into my heart. The world is cold, or so it seems.
If you could just give me one chance, I believe I could make you smile;
Over and over a thousand times.
How many nights have you sat alone and cried?
You don't deserve it.
Misery everyday, will it ever leave?
You scream for it to go away.

Here's my shoulder, it's OK to cry
because I know how to make it right.
I'll try to never make you cry.
So pretty lady dry your eyes
I'll never leave you alone. I promise, you mean too much to me.
I know a thousand times you've sat alone and cried, but you don't deserve it.
I don't want to see you hurting.
I'm here to hold your hand.
I'm right here to help you stand.
Fight away those fears. Now wipe away those tears.
I know I can make you smile.

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