April 27, 2008
By yasmine dozier, Farrocaway, NY

Stressing over my fears.
Fear of loosing memories of her,and

gaining nightmares of him.
He`s scorred me,and broke me down,
she free`d me and made me forget.Im lost in this vision of life,and built a clear path cemented wit,love,relief,
pain,anger,confussion,heart`ach,missiory,tears.A relation that can never be broken down, and built from ground up.
Broken by anguish,torn by abuse.Hit with a pain in my chest of the burdon that was never lifted off my shoulders.
Caused by him,the monster under childrens bed,but the monster in my window.lossing all sight of what i saw as a humanbeing...and coming face to face with childrens fears of a MONSTER!

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