Forever I Will Love You

April 27, 2008
What if I was to call you?
What if I was to see you?
Would you talk to me?
Would you look at me?
If I told you, you were pretty
If I told you I loved you?
Would you smile again?
Would you care for me again?

Can I hear your voice?
Can I hear your laugh?
Could you speak just once more?
Could you laugh for me?
Where did the time go?
Where did the passion go?
Could you try again?
Could you forgive me?

Why are you still haunting me?
Why are you still on my mind?
Cant you leave me alone?
Cant you just go away?
Is it really over?
Is this really the end?
Cant you love me again?
Cant you hold me again?

Did you take the easy way out?
Did you get scared?
Have I not loved you enough?
Have I not told you everything would be okay?
Will you move away?
Will you leave me behind?
Have I not always wanted you?
Have I not always cared for you?

Were you in the car crash?
Were you okay?
Are you safe and at home?
Are you alive and warm?
Was that your name they said?
Was that you in the front seat?
Are you injured?
Are you dying?

How come life had to be so short?
How come I couldn’t save you?
Weren’t you safe with me?
Weren’t you to always be mine?
Am I to say goodbye?
Am I to lose you again?
Weren’t you going to marry me?
Weren’t you going to love me?

Did you ever love me?
I hope you knew
Forever I will love you

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