April 25, 2008
Numbing the pain for awhile.. will only make it worse when you finally feel it..
look for the girl with a broken smile.. its me
i wish i could hate you half as much as i hate myself..
but i cant..
you make me feel so invisible..
so i do as you wish.. dont speak and lay low..
my impulse is wrong..
and you know it as well as i do..
please tell me that i will have you no matter what..
I hope it will make it better.. when i tell you
that i dont think you feel you need me as much as i need you..
but im sorry yet again..
i take blame for all your mistakes..
let alone mine..
tears well up in my eyes.. deeply..
with hate and sorrow..
so much anger just builds up and i cant express or spill it..
when i get to the point where no one cares..
i sit alone..
and dont worry about anything else..
when i get the call..
and its from you..
im yet again restored..
and despite everything else..
i love you!

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