Memories of an Old Sailor

April 25, 2008
The old man stood at the edge of the sea
And was one with the crashing waves
Remembering the days when he'd sailed o'er its glass
Proud and defiant and brave

When he was young, he'd lived at sea
And sailed to distant lands
He'd seen the gargantuan rainforest trees
And been stung by the hot desert sands

The icy frost of the cold North Wind
Had kissed his cheeks with snow
And when the storm winds fiercely blew
He had never once hidden below

His ship was light and speedy
And flew quickly o'er the waves
Trading things and fighting fiends
And sailing far away

But now the old man looks out to the sea
As he stands upon the shore
Letting the wind play through his white hair
And sighing, for he'll sail no more

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