The Dragon

April 25, 2008
By Holly Mooren, Saranac, MI

A dragon lives around the bend
In a cave 'neath the waterfall.
Yesterday he stole Billy's red shirt,
My toothbrush, and Amy's doll.

That old dragon is quick, he's mean and sly,
And sneaks around our home,
He eats our food, and drinks our pop,
And wastes the minutes on my phone.

He has blue eyes and silver scales
And teeth like kitchen knives,
And if you try to catch him today,
Tomorrow you won't be alive.

One time he set our sofa aflame
By the heat from his fiery breath.
Little Amy screamed and ran around
And demanded he be put to death.

"Sorry, Dear," my mother said,
"But that couldn't happen, you see.
Everyone here is afraid, so who
On earth will get rid of this beast?"

"Not I," Billy said and hid under his bed,
"Nor I," I agreed and sped off.
"Well, I cannot do it," my father announced
While the dragon just stood there and scoffed.

And so the dragon continues to live
Just around the bend from our house.
But someday soon I'll become a great wizard
And turn him into a mouse.

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