The Purple Blurble

April 24, 2008
By Sabrina Fatima, Paterson, NJ

The Purple Blurble was a cute little creature
But I know it would be the least favorite of your teacher
With its cute fuzzy ears upon its cute fuzzy head
Its eyes would turn from blue to red
But this fuzzy little creature did not stay for long
It knew something had gone terribly wrong
No one really knew what happened to it or what it did
One day the townspeople found out it had disappeared or worst, hid.

No one really cared that it had just gone
Except for one kid, Billy Bean Bon
So later on, on the very same day
Billy decided to go, even if it meant far, far away
To discover the truth, the real, real truth
That happened in the town of Bungeeooth.

It took him two days, one night and six hours
But he didn’t give up, not with powers
Onward he went to a house that read The Purple Blurble
“I wonder what happened,” Billy said with a burple
But suddenly, out jumped a gruesome little creature with no teeth
He opened his mouth and out came the hideous smell of old, soggy feet.

Billy stepped back and said with a frown
“Please don’t hurt me; I’m new to this town”
“Why have you come, out outsider from town, and why do you have that horrified frown?”
“I am Billy and I have come here to discover
The heartbreaking and sorrowful things I have always wondered
You see, I love creatures no matter how they look
They may be real or imaginary from a book
I was sad when I heard the sorrowful story about the Blurble
That had once lived in this town, they said it was purple.”

“Why Billy, you are right and I am glad to say
I thought no one would bother to care up till this very day
The Blurbles had disappeared, but that was long ago
But I will be kind enough to tell you the story if you really want to know.”

“The Purple Blurbles lived with their family and friends
When all of a sudden their lives came to a woeful end
A colony of Sneezles had invaded their town
With their silky fur coats of white and brown.

The Sneezles took all their belongings and chopped down the trees
Took them home, it wasn’t funny you see
They tore down the Blurbles homes, took all of their food
This all left the Blurbles in a very bad mood
The Sneezles took everything the Blurbles once cared for
The Blurbles couldn’t take the destruction anymore
They couldn’t just leave, as they had no place to go
So they decided to stay, but ended up having a big row
That led to the deaths, the same of their kind
And that is how the Blurbles ended up dying, there’s no more left to find.”

“I’m sorry this all happened, but is there someway I can help?”
“You can spread the story from the north of Ashphen to the south of Welp
Let them all know what really happened and teach them a lesson
That they’ll never forget, my dear boy Welson”
“It’s Billy not Welson and I’ll try with all my might
Even if it takes me days and nights.

Well thank you for all the help and letting me understand
The importance of all living beings, they each have a role to play like in a marching band
We should assist all of Mother Nature instead of breaking them apart
I thank you again from deep within my heart.”

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