My Heart Races

April 24, 2008
By Serina Rogers, Indianapolis, IN

My heart races inside my chest
As you tell me that what we had was the best
You speak of how it’ll never be the same
Now, in my heart I feel a growing pain
You tell me there’s no more trust for me
But this, I wont let be
You’re so distant to me now
It rushes over me, the feeling of slough
You say you still love me
But this now is hard to see

Get Over you, you say I should
God knows I wish I could
But this love I feel for you is too strong
This relationship, I want to prolong
I don’t want you to hold on to something that isn’t there for you
You know I want your love, but not if it isn’t true.

Every slow love song whimpers your name
As I know your love, I want to reclaim
This decision to separate was a BIG mistake
And for me it’s caused so much heartache

If I could have you back in my life
There would be no more strife
I want you to teach me how to love you
Because without you life seems so untrue

I hope we can make this work
That would make my life perk
But if you cant see it in your heart
That we shouldn’t be apart
Then this to me you must confess
So my love for you I can put at rest

No matter what happens
We’ve both been taught lessons
Lessons of love for me
From you to me, that I was not worthy
But I do love you
If you don’t feel the same, then I will subdue.

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