The Shield

November 16, 2011
Hesitant to look,
Not sure of what she’d see,
She grasped my shield tightly,
And what she saw was surely me,

She expected something different,
She was shocked at the sight,
What she saw was pure innocence,
When she expected a fight,

Visions of white angel wings,
Soaring high above,
Not what she expected,
The shield was filled with love,

Black and white music notes,
Dancing all around,
Soothing and comforting melodies,
Not a single harsh sound,

Thousands of white roses,
So clean and pristine,
And the purest form of love,
Two turtle doves kissing,

She thought she knew me well,
Her new thoughts were unexpected,
As she stands at my feet in awe,
Admitting I should’ve been respected,

Living in the same house,
Just seventeen months apart,
Sisters at hand,
Now closer at heart

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