Life Stopped

November 18, 2011
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Somewhere along my life's journey i took a surprise turn. It lead me somewhere where my life fell down into a dark pitted hole. The memories of this little girl with no pain nor worries smiled and just ate cake. Whenever i had a problem i just ran and cried to my grandma's await.There she'd stand asking "whats wrong" and I'd reply. Then just to remember her soft voice saying please baby don't cry. Her warm arms embraced me and from that point i felt no pain. Now life is moving on and I'm about grown and she's gone so how do i mend the pain that waits. It hurts to remember the good tI'mes because of today's bad tI'mes and i just want life to be what it used to be. I look in the mirror and god do i just hate what i see. Because there stand a girl whose life has never been at ease. I look at myself and cry because i can hear her voice from above saying "Your beautiful no matter what the world thinks you are". I remember that guy the one special guy that mended my heart and prepared it to his fullest extent then when he left my heart followed unwillingly cause that's all it ever knew. How did i let hI'm use me, abuse my abilities, and get me so far out and gone. Somewhere on this journey my life stopped and took a wrong turn.

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