The Lady in the Picture

April 24, 2008
By Ranesha Dorion, Houston, TX

We pull up to the store, and she leaves me behind
I wonder what’s going on in her mind
She gets out the car walks towards the store door,
and then Some guy , I never seen before
Walks up to the one I adore
Stabs her 25 times,
till she hit the floor, I watches as she screams
And tries to fight him back
But the energy she needs
Is the energy she lacks
I cry but no one hears me
Im hungry but no one knows
Im lonely and need my mom
So where did she go?
When I get older I would ask what happen on that day
And the person taking care of me probably won’t say
But I know we had this relationship
That I would never have again
Something like a best friend
But there to the very end
The only memory I have left
Is that picture on the shelf
This lady in the picture
Looks exactly like me
Its hard to understand
Why she’s no longer here with me
Im only four months and already
On my own
The only person that really knew me
She’s Already gone.

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