Sit Stay Listen Wait - Four Poems

April 23, 2008
By Nikki Wilson, Minster, OH

Sit. Stay. Listen. Wait.
And understand her pain.
For you are the only one.
That can save her.
The only one,
That can love her.
The only one,
That can pull her,
From darkness.

You are the light.
You are the only hope,
The only love and,
The only help she has in this world.
This new world of…

“Wait!” she cries as you turn.
You seem to have left her.
You seem to have forgotten,
How much her life depends on you.
What changed?
Why don’t you answer when she calls?
Do you hate her? Do you want her to die?

Your letting her slip away.
Letter her fall back into the dark.
Why are you letting her die?

She lies there now, crying,
And hoping you will return.
She looks to where you left to,
And sees a fading light.
The light you gave when you came
And the light you stole when you left.

Wait! The light! It’s moving!
She doesn’t understand,
Are you coming back to her?
She lies, still crying.
But you are there now,
Holding her and saying,
“Everything will be okay.”

“Shhhh…” you coo to her.
Finally you have helped her.
She stands to her feet now.
And the both of you, hand in hand, begin the journey home.
At last, she is free.
Free of that horrid darkness,
That has kept her captive for so long.
And now, she walks with you,
Back into the light.

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