I Used To Be a Circle

April 23, 2008
By Darcie Brimer, Cleburne, TX

I used to be a circle filled with air,
Lifting the paper away from you, letting you dust your shoulders off
Of everything you need to forgive, so that maybe you’d be forgiven.
I used to hope that you had really forgiven,
But as I burst before I reach the stars, I feel your pain.
I used to think I’d fly again some day, but I am not whole.
I used to feel confident and bold, but what was once red is now gray.
I am just a stepping stone, helping you get by.

The room is full of people,
People filled with thoughts,
That flow out as words.
And from the words inspiration,
Which causes motivation,
Motivation alters actions.
Actions that determine change,
Change seeks difference, the difference
You feel you can make in a room full of people.

The truth is in little strands you must pull apart yourself,
In time it’ll all make sense. “For you’re the reason you fall,
Why can’t you pick yourself back up?” I don’t think you’d comprehend.
I just want you to know who I am, and where I stand even if I fall.

Everyone’s looking around thinking I’m going crazy.
I just want to live. My hearts aching from the pain, I’m
So guarded. In my shell they don’t notice I’m coming undone.
Trying to find the words, I’m ready. Carpe Diem and all that follows.

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