Why Shouldn't I Voice, Why?, Never Let Me Go, and The Unknown Love

April 22, 2008
The greatest questions asked,
Are those that are from the deeps of your heart,

But there’s never a right time to ask them,
So they are forgotten,
But what if one person asked those questions,

Would that be what human kind needs,
to create,
Many drowning in a peaceful bliss,

If one word can stop someone from mass murder,
Then the one question,
Would save a million lives,

We each ask questions against something we believe in,
But that shouldn’t stop us from voicing our minds,

If we were meant not to question,
Do you really think we would have intellect of any form?

Look me in the eye,
Tell me you love you me,
Never let go,
Your so far away,
Each time we talk,
It pains me to know,
How far away you are,
When I need you most,
Your there,
But your not,
I wish you could hold me in your arms,
And never let go,
That dream is so close I can almost touch it,
But its so far away,
Just beyond my finger tips,
Its frustrating,
But it makes me think,
Will you love the real me,
As much as the me you have come to know and love,
I want look deep into your eyes,
See the emotion in them,
Have them imprinted into my mind,
Each moment we are together,
My heart jumps for you,
And only you,
Thank you,
For just being you

I love you more then you know,
I know in my heart we could never be more then just friends,
You love another,
It pains me to see you together,
I just smile and go along with it,
I hide behind my hair trying not to look you in the eye,
I let my true colors show,
When I am around you,
You make me laugh my heart and soul out,
You're always there for me,
You hold my hand not letting me fall,
When I am around you my mind goes blank,
My heart flutters,
I smile the faintest smile,
I can't hold it back,
You've always been on my mind sense the day we met,
I want to look up at the stars with you,
See beyond what we can see,
When you give me a friendly hug,
I don't want you to ever let go,
But I know the truth,
And it's that we never will be together.

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