For Peyton

November 21, 2011
By Thejoyofsorrow SILVER, Arlington, Texas
Thejoyofsorrow SILVER, Arlington, Texas
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You've been there with me
through thick and through thin
Your the friend i can go to
to tell me where to begin

We've had our bruises
and we've had our fights
but we've always got back
and made it through the night

You're my confidant, secret keeper
my biggest bestest friend
you're the only one i know will be there
until the very end

There were times i thought i'd lost you
thought you were no longer my friend
But all those were false
they were nothing but pretend

In ways we're very different
In other ways the same
The friendship between you and i is stuff to be acclaimed

Remember that day under the junglegym
The day that i first came
That day since passed has changed my life
never to be the same

Its funny the way to friends can be
connected by the mind
I would look at you to say something
and your eyes it would already be behind
connected by the mind

The author's comments:
This is for my best friend

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