The Little Girl and the Flower

April 22, 2008
By Chaya Nutovics, Melbourne, ZZ

How wondrous she is,
She sits in a jar on the shelf
Sprouting out her wings
She looks pretty with her pink petals
And she smells so nice
But you never hear giggles
A little girl had it in a jar
Which she could see from afar
She watered it each day
And if she ignored it she would
Certainly pay
But when the cat came
Everything had changed
So the flower wasn't her game
Not anymore.

For she loved the cat.
The little girl also has mice
Which the mother doesn’t think is so nice
The little girl thinks the cat won't bother them
But boy she is wrong!
Because one day the cat eats them
And the little girl loses her precious jems
So the little girl cries
She didn't like the cat
Not anymore

And that's when she remembered the flower
She had liked the flower better
But when one day she gets a letter
And ignores the flower even more
For the letter had something for her to do
As it was about helping in the nearest bookstore
Days go by and she misses the flower
As she looks in a book about the princess's tower
So she decides to visit the flower for just one day
But it was too late

It had died.
So the little girl cries
She had missed that flower.
The little girl thinks of what to do
Which was to buy another flower!
But her mother shakes her head,
"No," she said.
"You must water the flower."

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