We Grew Up Together

April 22, 2008
We grew up together, she was my best friend.
We thought we’d be best friends until the end.
Until that day
She had to move away.
That’s the day everything changed. My world spun upside down. I was turned around. And now (chorus)

It’s been five years since we saw each other.
So much has changed, so much rearranged.
She is still my best friend
I talk to her in my head,
Hoping she’s listening on the other end.
I wrote a long letter that was never sent.
I tried to call, but it didn’t work.
All my other friends wonder why I even try.
They didn’t like her, and there’s no lie.
True, she wasn’t like the rest of them
But she was my best friend.
We understood each other
They didn’t know her at all.
Just watched her fall.
I hope someday I’ll see her again.
I know in my heart she’ll always be my best friend.

I remember how we laughed
Talking on the phone.
She was always there
When I was alone
No one could understand
What was in her heart
But we spoke the same language
That set us apart.
I only have memories now
Of when we were free
We were so happy.
And if only I could travel back in time
To live one more day, to see her one more time.
And when she called
That last day
I had no idea
That she was going away.
And just like that, she was gone.
I can’t believe it’s been so long.
But I’ll always remember
The tears and the laughter
That will follow us everywhere we go.
And although we may be apart
We’re still joined at the heart.
Does she remember?
I hope she does.
I know I always will because (chorus)

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