The Remedy

November 16, 2011
My heart grows bitter
My defense grows strong
I grow confidence with every letter
and my vulnerablility is gone.
I watch all our memories replay in my head,
but all my love left with you, so to me you're dead.
My eyes are empty, hallow and vicious
my lips are deadly don't follow my kisses.
Watch out for your soul
I might consume it whole.
Finding true love was my goal
but that's taken quite a toll.
Don't fall for my seduction
I'll lure you in with what I say.
You'll walk right into the abduction of your heart that I'll snatch away.
I'm evil, I'm pure, I'm whatever you want.
I'm the devil, I'm the cure, I'm just there to taunt.
My throat goes dry.
My hands start shaking.
Please don't even try.
Me? I'm the decision not worth making.

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